Lion King Memes Portrays the Heightened Public Emotions Towards the 2019 Remake

The Lion king memes became trending when people started trolling the 2019 film on social media. Whereas the movie turned out to be a shocker for many, several found it impressive. Although, some criticized those people too because they were not born at the time of the first Lion King movie. The critics say that those who haven’t watched the cartoon version, can’t even fathom what blunders the makers of the movie have committed. They also made fun of them and posted memes about them on social media. Coming to the film, social media is filled with mixed reactions of viewers as many who consider them among the Generation Z people thought the movie didn’t do justice to its original version. Other than that, several newcomers who were born after 2005 praised the film to a great extent.

Best Lion King Memes on Mufasa’s Death

People have been fixating a lot lately on the one particular scene which made them feel sad during the movie. The nostalgia hit them like a bus, they said while watching Mufasa die at the hands of his brother, Scar. In 1994, the kids used to cry when they’d see the sad and long face of Simba. The iconic death scene in the original movie was super emotional for a great number of people. It gave birth to the Lion King memes because those who had already watched it in the cartoon version mocked those who witnessed it for the very first time. The memers seized the opportunity to make jokes about them for getting emotional over the scene. Seeing kids cry at Mufasa’s fate made some people nostalgic and yet again, the social media users saw it as some meme material thing. 

Those with a deep emotional connection with The Lion King and its characters neglected all the flaws that critics have been murmuring about and enjoyed the show. They admired it to a great extent that they supposedly forgot their actual age as they acted like kids. The memers also portrayed through the memes that becoming too attached and emotionally connected made them mimic the dialogues and sing the songs loud enough to disturb others in the theaters.

Musafa death scenes evoked most of the memes as many expressed through the puns on social media that they felt the same sadness in 2019 as they experienced in 1994. Some said they become overwhelmed as well as heartbroken every time they watch Scar pushing his brother off the cliff.

Simba Sparks up the Amusing Memes

Aside from the memes and jokes on the famous death scene in the new Lion King movie. The memes makers noticed and shared a few things to amuse the social media users as well as the film fans. On the internet with all the trending Lion King memes and jokes, one particular post caught the attention of many. It was based on Simba and how the character looked in the 2019 movie. People shared pictures of their cats and compared them with the movie character while captioning ‘low budget Simba’.

­Not just cats but people have been sharing pictures and videos of their pets including dogs. They portray their beloved animals as Simba.

What do the Critics Say about the Film?

The critics are notorious for capturing the things that have the deepest influence on the fans. Other than all the Lion king Memes, the criticism is also banging social media like a hammer. The biggest point is that the 2019 version is nothing compared to the 1994 Lion King movie. The differences and flaws are prominent enough to ruin the film’s fanbase.

Firstly, the viewers complained that making the characters didn’t do well for them. The mouths of the lions and other animals don’t move while delivering the dialogues.  It seems unreal and depressing to the nostalgic movie and not grasping the gist. Other than that, critics noticed that the lions were way too weak. Some even stated that ‘even dogs are better than these protagonists’ in the film.

Among those with negative comments, many also appreciated the filmmaking skills and the characters’ way of executing the scenes. Some particularly mentioned hyenas and appreciated how they justified their role in the movie.