Get your Medical Marijuana Card with My Florida Green

Medical Marijuana Card is an identity card that shows you have legal approval to possess and consume Medical Marijuana for medical purposes. Since the legalization of Medical Marijuana in 2016, the Marijuana certification process has become streamlined, with defined steps and a prerequisite list of qualifying conditions.

The process can be lengthy for some depending on several interrelated factors, but you can get a Medical Marijuana Card in a few weeks if you liaise with an experienced physician an expert in My Florida Green. Since only a licensed and state-licensed professional physician can get you registered for the Medical Marijuana Card, it is important that you see a qualified physician. The experienced physicians of My Florida Green are facilitating the certification process for their patients, allowing them to get their Medical Marijuana Naples within a few weeks. The registration process is pretty straightforward; it starts with the physician and ends with you receiving your Medical Marijuana Card.

If you are in Sarasota, Naples, Melbourne, and St. Petersburg, and you want to add Medical Marijuana to your treatment, reach out to an expert in My Florida Green. The physicians are the gatekeepers to the Medical Marijuana registration system; without them, the patients cannot start the certification process of getting a Medical Marijuana Card. They start the process using their DEA number to login into the state system and add you to the program if they determine that you will benefit from Marijuana treatment.

Therefore, it becomes imperative for the success of your Medical Marijuana treatment to get assistance from experienced experts.

How can you get your Medical Marijuana Card within a few weeks?

  1. Speak with an experienced physician: The process starts with speaking with a professional and state-licensed physician. There are a process and guideline to which a doctor must comply with before registering patients for Medical Marijuana treatment. The patients might not be privy to this information or requirements from the government, hence choosing a licensed physician becomes a critical step in the process. If you use the services of My Florida Green, you do not have to worry about this step, as they have the most experienced state-licensed physicians in their network. These physicians have met all the physicians’ eligibility criteria and requirements for verifying patients for Medical Marijuana treatment. They are also experienced in managing patients who are taking Marijuana; hence they are on top of the latest Marijuana research, have full knowledge of all the Medical Marijuana products, potential risks and benefits of Cannabis treatment, and have access to a lot of educational material and patient testimonials that will address all your queries. They also do a comprehensive in-person evaluation of your health condition, your past medical history, your symptoms, and the medicines you are taking before they make a decision. As much as you can remember.
  2. Evaluation of Medical Condition and Symptoms:  Since each patient is unique, and the severity of symptoms varies significantly between patients, there is not one Marijuana product that fits all the patients. Each patient needs to be evaluated thoroughly by focusing on their past and current medical history. It doesn’t matter if a physician has seen 100 similar medical cases; every patient is unique and should be evaluated individually. Also, each patient has some specific requirements and preferences when it comes to the Medical Marijuana product they want to use. Hence, choosing the right physician is the key to the success of your treatment. Each physician in My Florida Green spends adequate time with each patient, to ensure they cover all the bases and do not miss any important detail. A careful evaluation done at this stage guarantees a correct recommendation of Medical Marijuana.
  3. Marijuana Card Registration: Once the physician determines that you can add Medical Marijuana to your treatment, they can initiate the registration process for you using an email address provided by the patient and the patients’ phone number. The online registration requires a couple of information and documents from the patient. The patients’ proof of identity, residency, a passport size photograph, and a registration fee of about $100.00 is required to complete the process. All these documents are needed at different stages of the registration process, so you can either supply all information at once or bring them as your physician needs them. Alternatively, you can mail the required documents to the Department of Consumer Protection, depending on your state of residence.
  4. If you are using the services of My Florida Green, this step becomes stress-free as they will navigate every stage of the process efficiently.The physicians in My Florida Green understand how vital the Medical Marijuana Card is for the patients, so they will endeavor to facilitate the process so you can get your Medical Marijuana Card Naples within a few weeks.

Start your Medical Marijuana Journey with My Florida Green:

Medical Marijuana has been shown to improve the quality of sleep, reduce pain, improve productivity, and provide many patients with enough relief to become active again. Due to expansions of legal provisions, it is now at the discretion of the physician to decide if you are a qualifying candidate for treatment.

The certified physicians at My Florida Green encourage all Florida residents who are experiencing chronic and/or debilitating symptoms to reach out for help.  My Florida Green has developed an enhanced process to ensure that their patients access relief as quickly as possible. They have expedited the process with advanced technology and experienced resources:

  1. Fill out an intake form on their website to schedule an evaluation.
  2. At your evaluation, discuss your symptoms with a qualified physician. If the physician determines that Medical Marijuana may help your symptoms, they will send in their recommendation immediately.
  3. Once you receive your approval email from the state, you can complete the registration online and pay to complete the process.

The process takes less than two weeks on average. Once approved, Medical Marijuana patients can shop at any state dispensary.